• Comp Card Shooting Fee
  • 5 looks: Men 18 and over: $575. Women 18 and over: $600.

    Kids under 18: $475. (kids 4 look modeling shoot $375.)

    All shoot fees include the makeup/hair stylist fee. We will change your hair several times and for adult women work makeup from natural to evening.

    •An additional $100. styling fee is charged if you want to go from natural very curly hair to straight, or come in with straightend hair and get it wet and diffuse to natural curl. (this charge does not apply if you want to add a little curl to your hair for some looks, we will try to get many looks from your hair)

    *We do not have irons that get hot enough for african american hair to go from natural to perfectly straight. If you can wear your hair natural and want to come in

    with it staight, get it wet and diffuse to natural for a look, that is where the additional styling fee is applied.

    A Model Comp Card shoot is 5 outfit changes.

    Bring extra so we have some choices. All clothing should be age appropriate.

    It is important to know what your market is, who is your client. If your shopped as

    a mom and business woman, do not bring a denim mini skirt and a swimsuit...

    Be realistic about your height and body type when picking wardrobe. We can shoot you like a fashion model but if you are not over 5'8" barefoot and under a size 4, the pictures will not get you work. A Commercial Print Model may be more you. For adults we do recommend a consultation appointment so we can discuss your market and see the images you are working from now.

    Hats and accessories are great for a comp shoot, we will also see shoes in some of the looks.

    We do not do any printing and the shooting fee does not include any prints.