• faq
  • •Do I need Headshots or a Comp Card shoot?

    Actors work from Headshots, Models that do not act work from Comp Cards. Actors can book print work from a 3/4 Headshot.

    •Can I bring my whole family so you can do a portrait for us?

    We do not shoot portraits, we do not shoot events, we do not shoot groups of people.

    •What days do you shoot, and do you shoot at night?

    We are a natural light studio so no evening hours. We book 7 days a week from 9am to 2pm, in the winter our latest shoot begins at 1pm. If you are booked on a day that is stormy and dark we will rach out to reschedule as we do not want to do an entire shoot with studio lights we are know for our natural light style. Overcast is great, just not rain and snow.

    •What payment do you take, and can we make payments?

    We take checks, cash or Zelle Quick Pay, no credit/debit cards. Full payment the day of your shoot.

    We do not require a deposit, we do require 48 hours notice if you need to cancel.

    •Do I have to iron and hang all of my clothes?

    No, we have a steamer, throw a bunch of your favorite stuff in a bag and we will

    go through and pick what we will shoot and steam as we go.

    Do you do consultations?

    We do free consultations by appointment on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

    If you are an adult looking to do a comp card shoot we would suggest a consultation.

    It is really up to you, it is important that you feel comfortable and connect with your photographer so a consult can be helpful.

    •What clothes should I bring to a shoot?

    For an Actor Headshot, the clothes should be basic and feel like you. Reflect your personal style and the roles that you go up for. For a Model Comp Shoot, you need to bring outfits that give you a range, if you book fitness and young mom jobs bring

    clothes that reflect that. If you are 15 yrs old and 5' do not bring high fashion and business looks, bring fun teen looks. Lots of color mix up the seasons, clothes that

    fit and are clean. For a comp shoot bring accessories!

    •What do I do if I ordered 100 prints and there is something that did not get retouched?

    First of all we do not do any printing, and there are no prints included in the shooting fee. You will need to contact a print company, we like J&S Printing Inc. Always have a sample 8x10 printed and hold it in your hand before you go to print with quantity as every monitor is different and you need to check retouching and spelling and tone before you have a stack of prints you can not use.

    •What agencies do you recommend?

    Shirley Hamilton Talent

    Big Mouth Talent

    The Rock Agency

    Gray Talent Group

    Grossman Jack Talent

    Stewart Talent

    Innovative Artists

    Paonessa Talent

    Ambassador Talent

    Ohlsson Model & Talent

    Ford Model management

    Desanti Models

    Modelogic [Midwest]

    Paige Talent

    Babes 'N Beaus Talent Agency

    Factor Chosen

    Johnson McKay Talent

    Gil Hayes Talent Agency