• •Who is Zoe Mckenzie?

    She is one of the owner/photographers daughters and inspiration.

    The studio is a team of women who inspire and push each

    other to produce beautiful photos and wonderful experiences.

    The owner, SANDY SAGER has been shooting for 30 years

    and working exclusively with talent for the last 21 years.

    She took a couple of years off to oversee things but is back

    shooting full time, and loving it!

    •NATALIE GOLDEN has been shooting with ZMP for the last

    11 years, before she came to us she spent most of her time

    shooting products and interiors, under her own lable

    Green Cherry Photography. Her passion is shooting

    people and it shows in her work!

    •ZOE MCKENZIE has been doing our post work for the last several years. Zoe has been in the industry since she was 4 years, she has worked in movies, print and national commercials.

    •CHEVETTE WEATHERSBY one of our amazing Makeup/Hair stylists. Please visit her website at chevetteweathersby.com

    •LAURA WEATHERSBY works with us whenever we can get her as she is busy working her Make up magic in TV and with Celebs, LOVE her!!!